We loved the memories, we had!

Since the SwiftwolfNetwork was created in 2014, we have had
our fair share of memories and we would
love to make more soon!

Tekkit (Classic)

The SwiftWolfNetwork grew from day one with Stokykyle's Tekkit Server and soon became the SwiftWolfNetwork!

Village Craft

Then we created the Village Craft modpack, This is where it all began to grow and the original community was formed, we had something new and focused ourselves around the community and peaceful/pve experience.

Tekkit Legends

The Tekkit Legends modpack set the foundations for the village craft modpack and where we stepped into minecraft version 1.7.10!

Factions and 1.10.2

Factions and minecraft version 1.10.2 is where we left the community and really didn't know where we were going but now we are back and hoping to bring a new age to the SwiftWolfNetwork!

We are getting ready to launch!

As a team we have been busy to take on the old name
and give it a new lease of life and bring back the community
it once was go ahead and join the discord server now.